How To Properly Apply Eyeshadow | What Brushes To Use

How To Properly Apply Eyeshadow | What Brushes To Use

I dedicate this blog to everyone who has lost faith in makeup and the beauty community…

I hope this brings you a little bit of happiness and hope ❤  


As owner of GLAM22 cosmetics my hubby and I traveled all over the country this year (2018) and participated in multiple trade shows to launch our company.  One comment we constantly heard over and over was, “I love makeup, it looks so awesome, but I just don’t know anything about it" Or "I would know what to do with makeup”…

I cannot allow the world to go on without the amazingness that IS makeup (& brushes)!!! *queue Spanish drama music  

SO this is why I sit here today, on a Saturday morning. I'm putting together this blog for everyone who has stared at makeup brushes (or makeup) and has been intimidated or discouraged by it’s “complexity”... I hope this sheds light on the simplicity of this lovely art form.   


I've put together step-by-step instructions on a specific technique of eyeshadow application, which are combines with a selected few brushes to make the process easy. I will explain what makeup brush to use for eyeshadow application. These are a handful of basic brushes used for specific areas of the eye, when combined with the mentioned techniques you can recreate the eye-looks over and over.   


What you’ll need if you wish to follow along:

 Brush Set used:


Use an eyeshadow primer, I like to use MAC concealer.  


Step 1:

#G4 Dense Blending Brush

Using brush #G4, apply a matte “cream” eyeshadow, try to avoid a stark white and try to avoid a shimmer or sparkly color.  This is going to do 3 things:

  1. It’s going to “set” the cream or liquid primer eye primer (if you apply a cream or liquid, you mush apply a powder on top to set it). 
  2. It’s going to “lift” the appearance of the eye, and prepare our canvas.
  3. And will provide a smooth powdery surface to help blend and layer additional shadows when we start to build-up the colors.


Step 2:

#G29 Long Blending Brush

Use a #G29 brush, apply a matte medium shadow, this is our “transition” color.  A transition will help "defuse" two shades together.  A good transition shade is typically two shades darker, closest to your skin color.

Brush the color on the crease of the eye, in back and forth motions along the crease of the eye (if you don't have a crease, this is the perfect time to fake it!!:)). The long blending brush will help apply the color lightly and will blend the first “cream” color seamlessly.


Step 3:

#G6 Blending Brush

Use a slightly darker color than the last (2-3 shades darker) the color can even be a different color as long as the eyeshadows are all cool or all warm tones. My rule of thumb is to only use cool tones or only warm tones, that seems to create the best harmony in colors in my opinion. The goal is to slowly build-up the color and blend it well to smoothly transition the color.

Apply this color in the “outer-v” of the eye. Use the tapered part of the brush to gently apply the initial application as the first place the brush touches will have the most intense color.


Step 4:

#G7 Small Pencil Brush

Apply a dark eyeshadow (darkest color) you desire. The small pencil brush will help apply this dark color with precision in a smaller area. If we use a large brush, we collect more dark shadow and risk making our eye look too dark... Remember to always start with a little bit and gradually build the color to the desire color intensity. 



Step 5:

#G24 Mini Half Moon Packing Brush & 

#G7 Small Pencil Brush

Using the #G24 apply the second shadow (transition color) on the lower lid. as well as the 3rd (medium color) on top of that shadow to gradually darken the look. 



If you wish a darker "smokier" look, use #G7 to apply the darkest shade, blending really well after each color application. If done correctly you shouldn't see a beginning or ending of the colors; all colors should gradually blended together. 


Step 6:

#G12 Half Moon Packing Brush 

I have to say, this is my favorite step!! We are now going to add some shimmer :) 

Using a mineral glitter pigment and a #G12 brush, apply the loose glitter or any pressed shimmer eyeshadow on the lid of the eyes.  To intensify the shine, you can spray the brush/and eyeshadow with a setting spray. My favorite is MAC Fix plus, spray.  

Start by packing the color on the center of the eyelid in small packing motions, blending the color gently towards the inner corner and outer corner of the eye. 


*Once your lid color is applies, I recommend using the #G6 brush to blend the colors together. If you don't want to deposit more color, you can simply blend. If you wish to intensify the color you can also do so... :) 

Last step, is adding two coats of mascara and eyeliner if you wish.


AND BAMB you're ready to go about your glam life!! :) 

Remember if you follow these steps and color scheme, you can create pretty much any eye look.. 



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